Preparing For A Tough Job Interview



Most job candidates fail to prepare adequately. Preparation means more than simply reviewing possible questions in your head. It means sitting across from someone playing the role of the questioner. It means rehearsing answers to every potential question (or category of questions). It means placing a small video camera on a tripod and recording your interview. Put yourself through a mock interview scenario to succeed during the real deal.

Command Attention

People make impressions about you in the first 90 seconds of your conversation. That’s not much time for conversation; it’s your body language that communicates competence. Confidence begins with a firm handshake and eye contact. Enter the room with a warm smile and maintain solid eye contact. During the conversation, feel free to break eye contact briefly but maintain eye contact for 80% to 90% of the conversation. It reflects confidence and control. Your body speaks volumes before you open your mouth; make sure it’s leaving a positive impression.

Dress the Part

Dress like the position for which you’re interviewing. Police captains are visible in the community and must pay attention to the impression they make when speaking to groups. When deciding on what to wear, pay attention to your body type and your hair color and skin tone. Complement your body type with clothes that fit properly (hint: spend the extra cash to get your clothes expertly tailored). Also complement your skin tone and hair color. If you have gray hair, a gray shirt and a gray suit will make you look, well, gray. Add some color to stand out.